Emergency Radio Communications

Diapers had finally become history in our household and I had time to start looking at ways to bring some income into my household besides clipping coupons and growing our food.

I raised my eyebrows in questioning response. Elaine explained that she and Tom had defined "blue jobs" and "pink jobs" - and, predictably, she did only the pink jobs. Also predictably, those jobs matched up pretty well with stereotypic "women's work". Cooking, provisioning, keeping the boat clean (including taking care of mold and mildew when it showed up), taking care of finances, and handling written and walkie talkies were some of the tasks that Elaine enumerated for me. Among other things, blue areas encompassed anything mechanical and metal with moving parts-putting such things as propane connections firmly in Tom's camp.

Take care of your jewelry and accessories. Missing studs are unattractive. Either get things repaired and cleaned, or give them to communication equipment. It's as easy as that.

Most of the times to make the best of deals the mobile companies such as Samsung, Sony, Nokia, motorola, Apple and HTC come together hand in hand with the network companies such as Vodafone, 3, O2, Virgin, Orange and T- Mobile to grant low price deals.

Use large plastic bins for storing sports equipment and balls. Rectangular plastic laundry baskets are another radio communication less expensive option to organize the garage. They're especially useful for large beach balls and other plastic yard toys for kids.

If you plan to buy a phone in the near future, you may want to wait a few more months. Nokia, Blackberry, and HTC are all coming out with some great handsets in a few months that may offer something more than the iPhone.

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